Blackout Shades Decor Ideas

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Wonderful Blackout Shades

Blackout shades – When the morning sun hits your window directly and wakes you up unnecessarily, it certainly makes you want to install a powerful blackout. Besides guaranteeing a beautiful and cozy look, opting for a blackout gives you modernity and designates the ambiance. If in the room there are chairs or tables near the window, using the shade is more appropriate because they simply close the opening of the window. In these cases there is also the option of using the Roman curtain because the weight of it prevents it from staying is flying over the furniture.

If the spacing between the windows is less than 1 meter is advisable blackout shades and in some cases up to 40 cm of space between the openings are enough to use individual pieces, but this does not rule out the other option, but whoever makes that choice you should know that you can see spots of shadow on the curtain during the day. The ideal for double-glazed windows is to leave a further 50 cm of rod on each side of the windows.

This way you will be able to accommodate the blackout shades well when the doors are open. The blinds and Roman blinds are, as always, the options for those who do not have much space available. The only problem is that this kind of curtain almost disappears when we close them. For very reduced spaces there is also the option to use brides, these curtains fixed directly on the sheets of glass.

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