Bohemian Decor Bedroom Style Interior Design

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Decorating A Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian decor bedroom lined with iron ropes and brass medals, the interior of the house chic updates your style just by using. An old hopeful wooden chest made into a functional coffee table that has added value in storage. Distressed paint feels natural in a vintage rustic cabinet made of old recycle doors. Antique wood that is so beautiful and natural polish.

Bohemian decor bedroom old rustic curves turn your kitchen coat into a statement. The green foliage in brass planters draws attention to details of hand-carved and patina washed naturally. The tribal textured colored table runner will give your desk an elegant vintage bohemian worldly work that works well with lots of colors. Choose an old planter and fill it with beautiful garden plants or herbs. Antique bowls and rustic brass jars used as a center filled with seasonal pumpkins, pine, and flowering twigs, presenting ancient cottage charm. Add decorations inspired by bohemians, made in bouquets of flowers and flower arrangements that give a beautiful personal touch.

A rugged old chakra bookcase adds instant appeal, offering a place to store your books and travel collections. Bring the bohemian theme to the nursery by hanging old jharokha full of baby photos. Windows get a cottage-chic boost with handloom throws woven by craftsmen in natural cotton fibers and bright colors. Install ancient boxes filled with colorful seasonal flowers on the windowsill.

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