Calm And Relaxed French Country Decor Bedroom

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Chic French Country Decor Bedroom

French country decor bedroom – The French country style has several shades and it must of course also fit our home and surroundings. The French country style is very much about making atmosphere and it is done with art and flea finds. A more romantic interior design that fits well with the north which gives a more calm and relaxed decor. The paint color you just painted will start to crack.

You can then paint another color of paint over the first color and add more crackle finishes. If desired, you can even stencil on some step decals in the corners of the furniture as the icing on the cake. For example, if you can’t afford to buy a new sofa, buy a pair of decorative pillows that have a delicate floral design, such as blue and white, blue and yellow or red, pink, yellow and blue.

Blue and white porcelain dishes are a must for the dining room. Display fresh cut flowers in basic colors such as red and yellow in porcelain antique vases or for a more provincial look, out of a tin bucket. If you can’t afford a chandelier, buy antique or vintage candlesticks and paint them a distressed white or gild them.

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