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Pottery Barn Chaise Lounge for Apartment

May 5, 2019 Chaise lounge

Chaise Lounge Sleeper Style

Chaise lounge sleeper – Sofa bed with Italian Game system and chaise longue bunker. Because a sofa bed can be comfortable, have design and incorporate a great mattress for a good rest. Two in one for the most demanding. Also available in linear and corner sofa. Modern corner with curved corner that provides design, comfort and also can be configured according to measurements of their classroom module. Heads reclining seats and extensible added extra comfort. Available in sofa and chaise longue.



Chaise lounge sleeper that seamlessly blends comfort and design. It incorporates more performance demands, folding heads maximum height, extendable seat long-haul and also with high legs adapted for the robot vacuum cleaner. Elegant and comfortable sofa bed with Italian Game system, adaptable to suit your linear shaped lounge sofa, with chaise longue or corner as.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Chaise Lounge Sleeper Style

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Chaise lounge sleeper avant-garde sofa with motorized relax for you to decide the exact position without any effort providing maximum comfort. Quality, design and comfort in perfect harmony. Configurations in corner and sofa as also available. Quality sofa well equipped, extensible mechanism in their seats, high altitude and comfortable with folding head, arm sofa with built bunker, bunker chaise longue and extensible with double lamp USB connection.

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