Chaise Slipcover Lounge Design

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Chaise Slipcover Target

Chaise Slipcover – When you buy a new sofa you wish to last as long as possible and you care for them comes the obsession: that nothing falls over, the children walked on? What do you think if was customized a quilt that we like to fit the couch?

Chaise slipcover comes to cover your sofas comfortably. It is usually available in different fabrics and multitude of colors. Thanks to its design so handy chaise longue covers are easy to place and cover only parts of the sofa are more likely to be damaged by scratches or smudges as support, seats and armrests. In this way the rest of the upholstery of your chaise longue continue being in sight.

This type of chaise slipcover is available in two sizes: normal (backing 140 cm) or king (backing 290 cm). When buying your chaise longue cover you can also choose whether the chaise longue is on the right or on the left (looking at front of the sofa). If you want to quickly find the chaise longue case you need to use the filters on the side defining the price model (normal or extra) and color of the cover that best matches your decor. If you need other measures you can contact us and we will send a personalized quote according to your needs.

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