Cheap And Simple Ranch House Makeover

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Ranch House Update Look

Ranch house makeover – No need to ruin to refresh his decor! Kitchen, bedroom, but also sofa and radiator, everything is good to dare a decoking makeover cheap and simple … If you have a small budget to redo your decor, prefer stickers on the walls, a stroke of paint on an old piece of furniture or on tiled floor, antique accessories or original linens. Find our best ideas for a custom decor and cheap!

The first project we are going to present to you was menu by MF Architecture, the second is a creation of co (X) its Studio. These are two local businesses that have managed to capture the spirit of the old farms of West America, while giving them a modern look. The furniture selected for the interior decoration of this renovated old farmhouse? It is largely inspired by nature and by contemporary design.

Dominated by the wooden surfaces, the interior decor is balanced by neutral shades, such as white, beige and gray taupe. To renovate the old farmhouse, the architects and decorators at co (X) ist Studio have completely changed its appearance and organization. Below, photos of the structure as it was at the beginning of the works. You can compare them to the pictures above to get an idea of ​​the before home renovation.

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