Chic French Country Bedroom Furniture

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Decorate French Country

French country bedroom furniture – Turn the bedroom into a cozy, romantic room that will appreciate the French country style. Known for its shabby chic rural charm, the French country chic style relies on color, pattern and space composition for its light-to-reach look. The French country chic style is romantic without being frilly, and is comfortable and budget-friendly to boot.

Acquire slightly distressed, painted furniture, such as a chest of drawers, wardrobe and bedside tables. Those on a budget can paint and enjoy already owned furniture. Look at antique shops and flea markets for vintage brass furniture hardware. Such as drawer pulls and buttons for painted furniture. Painted wooden headboards are elegant, but those who are looking for something else could consider antique wrought iron headboards and porcelain decorations.

Accents make room and tie the French country’s chic look together. Flowers in a tin watering can, French country roses, wooden candlesticks, and old books bound in bright colors, and elaborately framed paintings are all suitable accents for the French country bedroom. Old wood-framed mirrors and wood candle sconces bring an extra special touch to the country’s chic bedroom space. Tri-fold French doors are a simple, often inexpensive solution for modern closet doors.

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