Country Bedroom Colors And Decor

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Rustic Country Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Country Bedroom – The decoration of your house in a rural style allows you to give a traditional look that dates back centuries. A country-style room will take you back to a time when life was, in many ways, the simplest people and made their own furniture for home and decor. The proper colors, bedding, and furniture will help you achieve this look in your bedroom.

The colors that are typically used in a country bedroom are those that are soft and light. In particular, different shades of white are common for the base color, although variations such as beige and cream are sometimes used instead of white. Accents include a variety of earthy colors, such as the pale tones of blue and green. Other possible colors are brown and pink. The general effect of colors should be light and airy. The colors used must complement each other.

Even if you are using furniture that does not fit into a country style, you can still give your bedroom a country touch. Hang photos in the room that reflect scenes from the country and use frames that are primitive in design. Tildes or accents of ancient appearance. Remove the modern handles from your cupboards and bedside tables and replace them with handles that look rustic or antique. The dark bronze or brass handles to adjust the look well. Cover the top of the cabinets and bedside tables with place mats. Remove any floor covering and lay the carpets on hardwood floors instead.

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