Custom Ranch House Plans History

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Custom Ranch House Plans Р Although long considered a cute donkey from the Levittown design, a custom farmhouse plan now repeats its main appearance. In fact, the origin of ranchi-style houses is different from what was later known as this style. Farm-style houses have an interesting history and evolution, as well as a basic philosophy that unites their architectural elements. The first house was created in 1920 by an American architect who simplified the design elements of Mexican hacienda and Spanish colonial houses, thus creating a new and modern architectural style.

Especially among the early architects who were famous for their home designs were William Wurster and Cliff May. This style is very popular in the western United States, especially in California, and is often used in home development. The basic features of the classic farmhouse plan include all on one level with a long, rectangular floor plan, which allows living space to be flexible, and overlap with each other. This classic house has a low roof and simple exterior and interior, with a few decorative elements besides rustic decoration.

The idea is to have an informal and relaxed feeling that integrates an outdoor home with large window windows and sliding doors that lead to outdoor terraces and recreation areas. Farm-style houses are called different things in different places: in western America, where styles are most influenced by Spanish invaders, they are known as California farms, American farms, or horsemen. In the Midwest and in the Colonial East they added fake colonial facades to typical modern structures. As they became increasingly popular, it developed to include decorative features such as slim painters and developing architecture.


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