Decorating Rustic Chic Bedroom

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Rustic Chic Bedroom Decor

Rustic chic bedroom decor includes natural colors and textures, outdated plans and items. Natural colors often include muted tones in shades of green, brown, blue, orange, red, yellow, white and dark lavender. The occasional bold color adds something to this design. Old-fashioned items include age tools, toys, food and farm equipment. Everything you want to add, you must have an aged look for the most credible impact.

A rustic bedroom lodge includes many natural elements. Use aspen or poplar trunks for bed posts or wall decoration. The additions of wrought iron elements give an effect connected to the ground, pulling the meeting room. Good decoration of this room includes animal mounts, wrought iron animal cuttings from the woodland, soft lighting, yellow, black silhouettes on the walls and the windows and the coarse textured fabrics. Colors to use include shades of soft white, soft black, blue, green, orange and brown.

If you are artistic inclinations, create an Alaskan desert in your home. Try to paint the black ceiling with different shades of deep blue, silver and white. Next, apply a finish to look like the aurora borealis. To catch the light, apply mica powder and glow in the dark painting moderation along the mural sky. Use small recessed lights, or Christmas lights to imitate stars. Paint murals on the walls too. Buy templates or use a projector as a guide for your sketches

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