Design Ideas Of Rustic Home Decor Catalogs

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Vintage Decor Catalogs

Rustic Home Decor Catalogs – Decorate with a rustic theme to give a cozy touch to any room. Whether your home is in the country or the city, you can infuse the rustic charm with the appropriate decorations. Make it feel like a quaint wooden cabin, resort, hostel or bed and breakfast center, and you can imagine that you are on vacation every day.

The color schemes for a rustic decoration mimic the appearance of the earth. Brown, roasted and other shades of wood are used as a base. Add accent colors in gray, green and light blue sage. Dark red or burnt orange are other options to consider. Rustic colors are warm and cozy. Plan your color scheme around a favorite Navajo blanket or serene painting to help tie the colors together.

Largely textured fabric, such as wool, denim or flannel, bring cozy warmth to a rustic room. Choose leather furniture or cover a handmade quilt on a chair to add contrast. Paintings, animal prints and boldly patterned carpets add rustic style to a room. Simple furniture made of thick trunks and planks works well in a house decorated with rustic style. Find pieces of solid wood without much adornment. A bent wooden rocker or farm table and chairs can be purchased directly from an artisan for the original design. Place a couple of Adirondack chairs on the porch. Look for furniture in thrift stores and flea markets for good deals.

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