Discreet And Elegant Bohemian Wall Decor

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Bohemian Wall Tapestry

Bohemian wall decor – Who says bobo, says bohemian. Key word of this particular style to never forget. To successfully integrate the bohemian touch into this interior, you have to master the art of patchwork. If on the wall, this results in an accumulation of frames of all kinds, on the ground the exercise consists in multiplying carpets from different horizons. Ethnic, Scandinavian, classic, all carpet styles are part of it!

Flax is almost the ba-BA style bobo. At home, the bed hates sad duvet covers, it accepts only sheets linen. Discreet and elegant, these sheets are very popular for their ethnic-chic touch. Generally, you can opt for soft hues, not flashy, which inspire the idleness … Soft colors and noble materials such as glass, rattan, and light wood will be invited to sit in the dining room for example.

If the bobo interior carefully cultivates his love for the past, he also pays particular attention to trends. However, as fashion regularly stings his ideas to past decades, the bobo interior is often found in the air at the time, or even downright avant-garde! For example, he will be one of the first to reinforce the weaving. Weaving on the wall it will surely trade very quickly for another improbable trend …

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