Elegant Sleep With Platform Wood Bed

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Cozy Bed Platform Wood Frames

Platform wood bed – The platform bed wood incorporate a box spring or foundation into the design of their surroundings using either a solid surface or wooden slats. The platform bed will place the mattress directly on the bed frame without the need for a foundation or a mattress for support. It also removes the need for the bed skirt to hide the base. The fact of not having to box spring or foundation is obviously the main reason why we love so much platform beds.

Strong and dense slats support the mattress or in some cases it is a solid platform. Many people who love modern design greatly appreciate the elegant and less bulky profile platform bed. Note that the slat construction provides better ventilation of the mattress to the fixed wood platform bed.

Many platform beds, but not all, are located closer to the ground than traditional beds. This increases the perceived ceiling height and can create the illusion of a much larger space. But don’t worry – if you still want a normal height bed to facilitate your movements when you fold or you stand up, you can find a lot of stands specially designed beds with companion tall.

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