Extra Wide Dresser For The Hall

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9 Drawer Dresser

The chests of drawers are the wild-type furniture that is used for practically every room in the house and that has multiple functions, depending on where it is located. Here idea for an extra wide dresser in different rooms, take note! Why large comfortable for the hall? The hall is the first place that our guests will see, it is the first image they will get from our house. So we will have to have an orderly and stylish hall so that our guests get a good image.

In addition to a coat rack or an umbrella stand, large chests of drawers can be perfect here. You can choose between the different models of large capacity dresser that best fits the style of your home. Since you can find large commodes of different materials, designs and colors. Advised that you choose large comfortable light colors, as a shade of light wood or comfortable large white. Since the receiver does not usually have direct natural light through windows, so the clarity and spaciousness will be very important.

Recommended that you use your oversized dresser to display your favorite photos: family, friends, and trips. If you like vintage atmospheres, opt for sepia photographs or black and white photographs. Complete the decoration of the dresser in your hall with vases, flowers, candle holders, lanterns. And also more images such as posters, city pictures and old posters that you can rest on the base of the dresser, without having to make holes in the wall.

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