Fakro Attic Stairs With A Different Transformation System

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Attic Wood Stairs Design

Fakro attic stairs – An attic with a manhole is placed to save space in residential cottages and service rooms. The lifting ladder allows you to make available the upper floor, the attic or any other point at a low height. The designs provide folding mechanisms with a different transformation system. The materials of manufacture of the structures are different. The stairway with manhole is intended to access the attic or the attic, which can be used for different needs.

The difference between the attic and the attic is that the attic is not heated. Grenier could become a place of solitude, a work space, a workshop, a bedroom and even a living room. Attics are often stored under the warehouse. To climb, you need a ladder. The attic lifting devices with the hatch are sufficiently comfortable. The technical characteristics of the attic structure are somewhat different from the usual fixed stairs.

The attic version of the staircase is characterized by its small size. However, reduced performance should not affect security. Therefore, it is important to follow a few rules to organize the rise of the attic. The technical characteristics of the construction imply mandatory insulation of the hatch, otherwise heat leaks are possible. As the insulation is usually used rubberized tape.

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