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Bohemian Duvet Covers

Bohemian Style Decor – Ideal for those looking for a relaxed and creative environment. A bohemian room is original and personal. It is about converting the earthly with decorative elements of the time and a lot of creativity. The bohemian people are those who live a nontraditional style of life. Generally, we relate them with musicians, writers or artists. Although it sounds somewhat contradictory when it comes to a technically personal style. There are common elements that integrate the bohemian style.

A bohemian room is commonly associate with a style that looks overwhelming. That comes with a variety of colors and elements that surround the environment. It is a way of seeing things in a different way in a decorated environment with full freedom and many creative ideas that are reflected in this social space. Using different colors of the palette such as electric blue, red, orange, green, yellow, purple, earthy tones, and golden. In short, a variety that is related to ethnic elements from the East, Africa, and Europe.

We see that the diversity of materials in the environment, even adopt furniture and vintage finishes in the decoration, large wooden furniture of an aged appearance. All of them, achieve harmony and integration. Also, the textures used are diverse, bringing a warmer and more relaxed atmosphere to the room. The bohemian style in addition to adopting vintage elements is also related to the eclectic. It collects diverse fun decorative styles based on a personal, creative, artistic style and especially based on the sentimental, reflective and interests of each one of us.

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