Finishing Ideas For Faux Bamboo Dresser

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Bamboo Chest Of Drawers

Faux Bamboo Dresser – Blue and yellow are complementary colors. Using them together in a room can be dynamic or soothing, depending on the intensities of the colors. Imitation of finishes some details in a blue and yellow room for added interest and a sense of theater. Or use moderately blue and yellow on a dresser, cut out or a set of chairs from the flea market.

Paint a comfortable second-hand bamboo imitation store, but age it by sanding the edges lightly to reveal the color below. Set it against a blue wall washed with a sponge or the color is washed to look like old stucco. With those two elements in the room, you can decorate with a shabby country style or eclectic flea market style in a dining room, or use a mix of faded brocade upholstery and antique iron bed frame in a bedroom.

Paint a decorative fireplace in shades of blue-gray to look like stones with mortar or slate. The edges of the “stones” are a little darker and the centers dabbed with a white and gray lighter in fake light falling on rounded surfaces. Paint the wall behind the fireplace in warm, yellow honey like plaster finish from Tuscany. Use the joint compound tinted for the real stucco texture on the walls. Wooden furniture would look warm and cozy in this room.

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