Fix A 10 X 13 Gazebo Tent In The Sand

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10 X 13 Gazebo Style

10 x 13 Gazebo – It is difficult to anchor any object in the sand, is long, either for a few hours. Tent stakes and the methods used to hold a gazebo tent in a grassy field not anything in the sand. In addition to fixing the tent and also consider the need to protection Additional against the grain brought by the wind.

Add about 7 kg each leg of the tent, which equals 28 kg in total for a tent 10 x 13 Gazebo meters. The minimum weight required to secure the tent on a consistent surface protecting against wind is 18 kg. The additional weight is required because the sand is a soft surface. Acquired PVC tubes with about 7.5 to 10 cm in diameter. Purchase four PVC pipe of about 60 to 90 cm. You can also purchase a longer barrel and cut four pieces with a handsaw. Shop by eight caps for them; Place the caps on one side of each PVC pipe. Mix the cement with water in a plastic bowl, pour it in PVC pipe and let dry.

Weigh the PVC pipe and place the lids on the other side after the cement to dry. Check the weight of the plastic with a magic marker. With time and experience, you will know whether to say more or less weight to every tent; so it is good to have the value writing the tube. Thanks for your visit my site and reading our post about 10 x 13 Gazebo.

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