French Country Bedroom Ideas Harmony In Space

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Floral Feench Bedding

French country bedroom ideas – Color is the most important element in the French country style. A French country bedroom come with light and medium country colors such as blue, yellow, white, pink and green. Paint the walls a light color, such as buttery yellow or blue, and give the room depth by painting cabinet doors, window sills and jam doors white. Consider colors during all phases of the French country design to ensure harmony in space.

Floral, Etoile and Damask patterns are appropriate and should be a prominent place in the bedroom design. Incorporate these French country fancy designs into the bedroom with textiles. Curtains, linens and blankets are the perfect items to display these patterns for a French country chic bedroom room.

Replace ceiling fan or lighting stand in the middle of the French country chic bedroom space with an antique wood or iron chandelier. Small wooden bedside lamps with fringed shades make a sweet lighting accent for the French country chic bedroom. Cover windows in shades printed with flower or damask patterns, or hang very light curtains over the covered windows. Instead of modern mini-blinds, homeowners looking to obtain the French country look should consider the interior of the wooden window shutters.

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