French Country Dresser In A Living Room

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Vintage French Provincial Dresser Ideas

Ideas for best decorate a French country dresser in a living room with choose a decorative tablecloth or runner from the table at the top of the dresser. Select a table lamp. A brushed nickel, wrought iron, or metal table lamp can be placed on the left side of the place mat. Choose a brown, black or brown lamp shade to bring the focus to the commode and not the lamp. The lamp should be a medium height without looking too large or demonstrative of the piece. It is important to decorate an old dresser in a living room with table accessories that mix the design of the dresser with the decoration of the living room. Depending on the reason for the living room is already traditional, country, Tuscan, French, or Victorian style, a designer lamp can be chosen to fit the interior design.

Add decorative accessories. An old dresser that is decorated to incorporate into a design of the living room has to have an accent surface of the table that draws attention to the piece. A wrought iron or brushed nickel chandeliers with three candle locations brings a touch of modern elegance to the old dresser design.

In addition, the design of rustic wrought iron hardware in the dressing table will be complemented. Place the candlestick slightly in front of the lamp but on the opposite side of the place mat. Keeping the lamp and chandeliers on the tablecloth will keep the old dresser scratching.

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