Great Ideas Of Wooden Crate Coffee Table

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6 Crate Coffee Table

Using a wooden crate coffee table has the advantage of providing hidden storage in the living room, as an interesting feature of the room. If you have been thinking about using a wooden chest as a coffee table, chances are you have discovered that wooden chests are quite expensive in the market. The good news is that you can make your own table chest simply, and much less than it would cost a purchased version.

Form 20 and 40 inches in a rectangular box. The ends of the 20-inch planks should adjoin the sides of the 40-inch slabs, forming the corners of the chest. Drive five deck bolts, evenly spaced, through each of the chest glue joints, from the sides of the 40-inch boards. Place the 1/2 inch thick plate 22 by 40 on top of the box. All sides of the board should be flush with the sides of the box.

Varnish the chest at this time, including the 22 by 40 inch 1-inch thick board, which will be the chest lid. Let dry. Place the brass two hinges around 5 inches from either end of the chest lid. Screw the hinges in place with the 3/4 inch screws. Place the brass corners in the corners of the box. You can put them on the base, or on the base, the upper chest, and the lid if you wish. Screw the angles of the brass. Place the brass handles centered on the 20-inch chest sides, about 3 inches below the lid. Screw in place to finish the center table of the chest.

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