Here Are Some Simple Ideas Wood Boxes Shelves

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Crate Wooden Box Shelves

Wood boxes shelves – Recycling old wooden boxes can be the ideal solution for furnishing your home in an economical and creative way. Here are some simple and original ways to make beautiful and functional objects. With a little imagination and time you can create functional objects and furnishings. Just follow a few simple steps here that we will suggest and get inspired by our image gallery.

The right choice: when you go out to the supermarkets, to the market or to the greengrocer, take the boxes that seem stronger and less damaged. The vegetable crates are in fact made generally with poor wood. So those of fruit or potatoes that are more resistant are preferable. If you want to create support bases, such as tables and chairs. Also buy a plywood base the same size as the boxes we will use, also assembled.

Shards goodbye: with sandpaper, scrape off all the wood splinters until you get a smooth surface to avoid getting hurt once you reuse the cassette. In the case of pot holders, cover the inside with plastic while. Instead, if you want to build a kennel for your pets, make the interior soft with blankets and some sheets.

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