How Do The Composite VS Vinyl Fence Rails

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Vinyl Fence Gate Design

Vinyl Fence Rails – Handrails and other decorative details are the final touches to a cover that has just been installed. Vinyl and composite platform materials are becoming increasingly popular. Due to the interest in environmentally friendly construction products.

Composite roof components are more often plastic or wood fiber. The most common material is high and low-density polyethylene plastic. This material comes from recycled milk containers and plastic bags. Railings are available that match most styles of roofing material. Banisters do not splinter or decay. The low maintenance and long life of this type of product make it a popular choice for decks and rails. Coated vinyl materials do not have wood fibers. This material is made of PVC and contains glass and/or carbon fibers. Handrails that respond to some styles of covers are available. Improvements to vinyl covers in recent years have made this product more popular than in the past. The production of this product does not make use of recycled materials.

Composite material platforms are 10 to 60 percent recycled products, which is more environmentally friendly than vinyl. This cover comes in solid, hollow and ribbed varieties, with thicknesses of up to two inches. Vinyl is available in a solid or hollow form and is about an inch thick. Vinyl is also available in a thickness of ½ inch that is called over-cover. It is designed to be placed on the old wooden deck. Vinyl is more expensive than wood and composite materials. As of 2010, vinyl has increased in popularity but has not outperformed other options.

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