How To Care Wooden Office Desk

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Innovative Wooden Office Desk

Wooden office desk seem to come back to fashion in a decisive way, and so more and more people want to know how to take care of antique desktops. This may be a bit more difficult than it looks at the first glance, but the good news is that with some basic knowledge, furniture cleaner. common sense you can keep almost any part of antique furniture, including desktops.


Care of wooden office desk begins by keeping the wood clean and polished. So the first step to taking care of an antique desk is to get a cloth of lemon oil and start gently sanding all the wood. Rub the lemon oil with the grain. Many conservators like to use old socks so they can feel the outlines of wood. The lemon oil helps to attract dirt and make the natural shine of the wood come out more clearly. Carefully sand the wood with rags. If you’re still not completely satisfied, consider a second time.

When the base looks good on the wooden office desk, look at using some wooden polish add that last bit of shine. Old English is a good example of a product that some people like to use to maintain their antique wood desks. Repeat these steps as needed, and keep unnecessary food and liquids nearby and your antique desk will remain beautiful and well-kept. Use lemon oil if you can, and rub with the grain. This is probably the best way to clean the wood and prepare the wood for additional polish. Wear a mask around furniture that has not taken care of for a long time. You never know what microbes can be around. This is especially true if there may have been mice around in the past.

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