How To Cement The Vinyl Fence Posts

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Modern Vinyl Fence Panels

Erecting a vinyl fence is required to plant the vinyl fence posts securely. For complete security that will leave your established posts in the worst weather conditions, plant the poles in the concrete. Concrete not only keeps messages safe in the wind and rain but also keeps standing posts, unlikely to move under any circumstances. This security keeps your fence intact and reduces maintenance related to curves on the boards and lanes that run between the poles.

Dig a hole for the vinyl fence post 48 inches deep and 12 inches wide. It is to create enough space to pour the concrete around the base of a 7 to the 8-foot pole. Place two pieces of 1/2 inch rebar in the body of the message. The reinforcement bar should be long enough to extend from the bottom of the pole 4 inches below the middle rail.

Apply adhesive tape over the holes at the ends of the rail in the part of the message you are going to place in the hole. So, the concrete will not seep into the post. Pour a 6-inch layer of gravel into the pole hole to serve as a drain for the post. Place the pole in the hole in the top of the gravel. Fix it in place by planting wooden stakes in the ground. Combine the concrete mix with water in a wheelbarrow. Then fill it until it reaches ground level. Wait for the material to be fixed then remove the stakes, 2-by-4 and chain.

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