How To Design A Country French Bedroom

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Modern French Style Bedroom Ideas

Country French Bedroom – South living editor Jennifer tells Kopf to design a bedroom with colors and styles that make you feel relaxed and happy. For a quaint and cozy atmosphere, decorate a room with a country theme. Turn any boring room into a refuge in the countryside by designing a bedroom with rustic colors and comfortable fabrics. Collect antique furniture and classic patterns to develop a bedroom style country.

First, determine the purpose of the room. Decide if the room is intended for a man, woman or be used as a guest room. Choose the colors to incorporate in the bedroom. deep browns, reds and deep greens define a country theme. Choose deeper shades in the design of a country bedroom. Find a bedroom set made of natural or dyed wood. Choose a design with an old or rustic look.

Find several fabrics to mix in the room. The country decoration is support by multiple floral, with checked fabrics in deep colors. Mix and match two or three different styles of pattern in the colors. Add some accents. Because adding accents with different textures contributes to a country design. Choose soft lighting. Soften the light of a room and add to the rustic feeling by choosing an appropriate shade or dim light bulb.

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