How To Fix Springs Of Fold Down Attic Stairs

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Many fold down attic stairs are of the folded variety. These compact staircases are retracted into the ceiling when not in use and save valuable space. Springs normally supply the force of attic stairs and support in the folding process. Attic stair springs can break or be disconnected from their anchor points in time. To repair the attic springs is either to replace them or reattach them to the spring mechanism. To repair or replace the attic ladder springs, it is going to require some basic tools and a careful approach.

Open the stairs and go up to the attic. Have someone close the attic stairs and use a 2 inch by 4 bolt to wedge. Or hold the ladder in the closed position while working on it from above. Locate the lock nut on the outside edge of the ladder frame. Release the metal arm of the access ladder mechanism, and swing to the spring on the other side of the rotating support. Your spring should now have enough slack to free both ends and replace the spring.

Use a lever or a flathead screwdriver to pry the spring in position if a bit of stretching is required. Attach one end of the spring to the corner anchor, and use your lever bar to maneuver the other end of the spring. Move the metal swing arm back to its original position on the opposite side of the swivel bracket, and replace the screw that holds it in place with your wrench. Test the attic staircase, opening and closing several times.

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