How To Make Simple Wood Wall Shelves

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Wood wall shelves provide homeowners with a place to display ornaments, collectibles or pictures in any room of the house. Wall shelves also offer a convenient place to store laundry detergent, fabric softeners and stain fighters in the laundry rooms. Hanging a shelf from the wall in a garage or workshop keeps screws, nuts, and bolts organized and within reach. Most of the rooms in a home benefit from the extra storage a shelf offers.

Find two studs of the wall, which is next to each other with a beam detector behind the wall is intended to hang the shelves. Keep a laser level against the mark on the wall and aim the beam at the second mark. Drill a pilot hole in the marks through the wall on the right foot with a bit slightly smaller than the screws that hold the shelf supports. Place a shelf bracket on the wall, aligning the support hole with the pilot hole.

Cut a section of plywood or agglomerate facing the size of your choice with a circular saw 4 to 6 inches longer than the distance between the two shelf supports. Sand the cutting edges of plywood or agglomerate faced with 220 grit sandpaper to eliminate roughness. Center of plywood or agglomerate faced at the top of the shelf supports. Mark the hole in shelf supports at the bottom of the shelf with a pencil. Drill the pilot holes in the platform. Align the pilot holes in the shelf with the shelf support. Drive screws through the shelf support hole in the shelf using screws.

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