How To Make Solar String Gazebo Lights

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Stylish Gazebo Lights

Gazebo lights – If you like you’re shed during the day, you’ll love it at night using solar string lights. Lighting is a great way to decorate for a party or a romantic evening. Do it yourself solar lanterns can be an easy and colorful way to dress up your garden shed for any occasion or everyday pit without spending a fortune. Measure the distance around your gazebo where you hang the lights. Collect enough empty cans of the same size space about 5 centimeters apart around the gazebo.

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Gazebo lights, Remove the label. Soak the cans in a bucket of warm water and soap to remove any additional documents and label adhesive. Dry the cans with towels. Paint each look with a high quality metal outdoor paint. Paint cans all the same color or mix it up for a festive look. Let the paint dry completely. Create two holes opposite each other near the bottom of each, with a drill. Drill holes uniformly in each bus. Turn the cans. Cut the galvanized metal into 12-inch pieces.

Place the lanterns in a line on a flat surface with the open end down. Put the series solar lights above the cans so that the hole in the bottom of each of a lamp therein.  Install cup hooks along the bottom of your garden shed. Hang the can lights from the cup by their metal hanger’s hooks. Install additional brackets if necessary to keep the cord between the lights of subsidence. Find the solar panel for the gazebo lights in a bright location.

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