How To Put Chain Link Fence Privacy Slats

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Tube Slats For Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence privacy slats is a way to keep bugs out of your yard and an ideal way to keep the dog. However, they do not offer much in the way of privacy. Neighbors and others see through the metal chain link fence. For more privacy, use plastic fencing strips (called privacy strips) to form a visual barrier around your lawn and protect from the intrusion of animals. The project takes approximately one hour to complete a small fence section.

Slide the vinyl slab down the top of the chain link fence so that the locking notch is on top of the fence. Make sure that the ribbon slides in the open link column formed by the link chain coupling. The ribbon slides directly into this column naturally. Not of the batten weave between the coupling of the chain coupling. Slide the slat all the way to the bottom of the fence and then continue installing slats until you have completed a fence section. Make sure that all the notches on the top of the fencing strip are aligned horizontally.

Pass the fastening strip (a long piece of vinyl that is thinner than the guide strips and has an arrowhead) through the notches in the purse strips along the top row of the mesh fence. This piece must pass through each splint, fixation in position. Continue to install the vertical battens and block batten pieces as necessary to complete the installation.

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