Ideas For Clean Rough Rustic Furniture

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Stylish Rough Rustic Furniture

Rough rustic furniture looks rustic and sturdy, but the untreated wood is somehow very delicate. Because wood is an absorbent, organic material, most cleaning fluids tend to sink into wood. Oil-based cleaners make greasy wood, while anything with water, including pure water, deforms the wood.

Wood stains without treating easily. To permanently avoid ruining the untreated wooden furniture, protect it from food and drink stains to produce by using a tablecloth of a wooden table during meals and covering chairs with spear during the holidays. Do not use water or patented cleaning chemicals to clean furniture, as they often cause serious damage. Wood furniture needs to be waterproofed before it is used outside. Otherwise, it twists and bleaches, and has a high probability of decomposition little by little, especially in a humid climate.

Physically, the safest way to clean untreated wood. Remove dust, brushing and rubbing remove the most dirt, dust and dirt without causing damage. If the wood has a stain, you may be able to remove it through sanding. Often, the stains penetrate only the first layer, which can be sanded away. And high proof, clear drink alcohols, such as vodka, can work to remove sticky dirt on untreated wood. While they are better to use than pure water, they contain large amounts of water, so their use includes the risk of damaging furniture.

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