Ideas For Recover An Old Vintage Wood Office Chair

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Vintage wood office chair type is most likely a banker’s style chair with a rectangular or rounded backward shape and vertical wooden slats that connect the top of the chair backwards on the seat. It may or may not have wheels. In any case, if the chair is very old, stained or damaged, renovation of the finish may not seem worth it. Fortunately, there is a simple way to cover the chair with the fabric that matches the decoration of its accuracy, and you do not even need to know how to sew.

Ideas for recover an old vintage wood office chair run a tape measure from the edge of one armrest, along the back of the chair and to the edge of the other armrest. Multiply this number by four and write it down. Cut a piece of cloth for this length measurement, making it four inches wide. Tuck one end of the fabric under one of the arms of the chair and wrap the fabric around it, creating a tight coil of fabric around the wood.

Staple gun the fabric to the bottom of the arms of the chair, inserting a staple into the bottom of each arm of the chair, so that the tissue does not complicate. And then measure the length of each vertical wooden slat on the back of the chair. Write this measurement and multiply it by three. This will be the length of each piece of fabric for the slats.

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