Ideas For Tuscan Paintings

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Tuscan Paintings Design

Tuscan paintings – Decorate your home with color and artwork is an easy way to make a big impact on your space. Wall Murals incorporate both color and artwork. As the murals tend to be big and eye-catching, to be sure what kind of mural design you choose. Also take into account the decor of the room and the amount of light it receives.


Tuscan paintings themes have warm colors and a scenic painting. To create a Tuscan mural, use warm colors like gold, terracotta and brick red. Paint a scene of rolling hills, peppered with cypress trees. In the distance, conjures images of ruins and home. Paint a tropical theme of a large living room wall. One option is to focus on large leaves of tropical plants. Paint them over the walls, large as they are natural. On the lower part of the wall, paint a beach scene including sand and water. Another option is to focus on the beach and palm trees on the perimeter. Add coconut and pineapple in the image.

Decorate a room with an Asian theme mural. Tuscan paintings a large wall in a soft pastel color such as yellow or buttery sage green. Paint a mural with pictures of Japanese and Chinese vases. Use royal blue and orange to decorate vases on the mural. You can also paint pictures of lanterns to the top of the wall. Another mural idea is a garden scene, complete with flowers. This is lovely in a child’s bedroom. Paint a scenic garden, using different shades of green, purple and white. Add flowers like calla lilies and roses. Add whimsical touches such as rabbits and bees. Paint a section of garden vegetables such as carrots and lettuce.

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