Ideas Of Wood Paneling Wallpaper

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Dark Wood Wallpaper Design Ideas

Wood paneling wallpaper are usually glued to the wall and framed by wooden moldings. This allows the use of expensive wallpaper with a low budget, because only a small amount is needed. The panels light monotonous coated walls, and are easier to use than the wood paneling of a whole room. It is possible to make panels that can be easily removed and used again if you move. Both fixed and hanging panels can be renewed with a change of paper. The main difference in the construction is whether wallpaper is attached to the wall or a separate board. Preparation, decide on the number of panels; its size and placement on the wall. Take into account the furniture and architectural elements.

The wallpaper application, cut wallpaper to fit within the recorded contours, or to fit on board, as appropriate. If you join, measure and mark the center of the panel. Center your paper to get symmetrically placed joins. Soak the pre-glued paper or apply adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Apply paper to the panel, starting from the central section of wide panels. Guarantee the comparison of patterns to unions. Soften the air bubbles and binds to soften. Carefully remove the blue ribbon, softening the edges of the wallpaper if it bothers you. Allow to dry completely approximately 24 hours.

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