Ideas To Build Wood Storage Shelves

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Best Ideas Wooden Shelves

Wood storage shelves are meant for function rather than for visual appeal, but with a little care and the right materials, they can have both. Build them directly on the wall strength, while investing in some spruce without knots or red wood for the frame and wood veneered shelves to keep up appearances. In addition, the use of wooden pegs to connect the frame to the shelf will give the unit a handmade, handmade environment.

Measure the length and height of the wall space available for shelving. Cut 2 by 2 tables to the length measured to act as horizontal wall brackets for the shelf. And, cut a wall bracket for each platform you plan to install. Also, cut the number of shelves from 12 to 14 inches wide that needs 5/8 inch veneered wood. Cut these to the same length that the wall supports. Sand the shelves with 120-grit sandpaper so you do not have to do it when the unit is installed.

Cut vertical supports far enough away from 2 by 2 lumbers that they can be placed at 2-foot intervals on the front of the shelves, with a support at each end. The length of these supports must be equal to the height of the top shelf unit plus 2 inches. Keep the first wall bracket in the position on the wall at the height of the top platform. Use a level to make sure it is exactly horizontal and screw it to the wall studs with 3-inch screws. Place the rest of the wall brackets in the same way, making sure all levels are there.

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