Ideas To Paint Extra Large Dresser

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Extra Large Chest Of Drawers Design

Whether you just bought wooden extra large dresser or if you want to update an existing one, the paint is available that fits your needs. Before painting a wooden chest of drawers, the surface must be prepared by sanding and priming. For faster sanding, use an electric sander. The primers are available in white and different shades of gray. Most paint colors require a dyed gray primer so that the paint you choose will result in the exact color you see in the color box. Consult a paint manufacturer or primer dealer that is needed.

Prepare the work area. Place a protective cover or newspapers on the floor and place the cabinet on top. Use a screwdriver to remove the hardware from the drawers. Store the hardware in a safe place. Remove the drawers from the dresser. Start sanding the sideboard with 80 to 100 sandpaper. Alternatively, you can buy or rent an electric sander. Use a piece of sandpaper for the areas that an electric sander cannot reach. Sand the surface two to three times with the sandpaper or the electric sander.

Switch to 150 grit sandpaper and the sand from the dresser. This will smooth the surface and prepare the paint application area. Remove dirt with an antistatic cloth or hand vacuum. Before applying the primer, make sure that the dresser is free of all sand particles. Spray a thin layer of primer on the dresser. Let the primer dry for about an hour.

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