Installing Vinyl Fence Slats

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Privacy Vinyl Fence Slats

Vinyl fence slats – Vinyl fencing can be of several different styles, such as picketing, railroad and privacy. Such fences are durable and require little maintenance, no decay, oxidation or other major repairs to worry about. If you are considering installing vinyl, all you have to do, at least once a year, is wash it every so often. The installation is similar to all other fences.

Measure the end of a lane or horizontal support plate on the vinyl fence where it enters the pole hole. Then measure the entire length of the rail or horizontal support. Subtract the final measurement from the complete measurement to determine the spacing at the center of the posts. In the middle to the distance between the center of one posthole to the center of the next.

Use a tape measure and stakes to mark the center of the post holes. Twine run between the stakes to show the line of the fence. Adjust the stakes as necessary to obtain the thread in a straight line. Dig the holes for the poles, removing a game at a time of digging. Make sure that the place where the game was kept is still the center of the hole. Once you dig all the holes, check the space with a tape measure and adjust the holes, if necessary. The depth of the holes should be 1/3 of the length of the vinyl posts, plus an additional 6 inches for gravel drainage.

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