It’s A Nice Wood Step Stool Plan

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Folding 2 Step Stool

Wood step stool plan – Nice to give as a baby shower gift, but also suitable for children who are a bit older. For girls and boys, timeless and reliable. Always to be used differently and to discover new things. As a table, to sit at and learn the colors. It’s also as a stool to sit on. The stool is carefully made by hand from natural materials. It stands firmly on four legs and of course the paint used is child-friendly.

The step stool has proven itself as an original gift to give to your employees when a child is born. Easy because you only have to fill in the order form, then the stool will be delivered to your home with your personal message. It remains an original gift with every birth.  If you want to surprise your relationship with a nice birth gift, the wood step stool is also very suitable.

With their designs they do everything to make the world a little friendlier. Succeeded! A too nice stool that can be used as a step for the little ones if they have to look a little higher, or as a low stool to sit on when they have to put on their shoes. As a bedside table next to their bed is of course also possible.

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