Modern Design And Hanging Egg Chair

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Modern Egg Chair

The hanging egg chair is a creation of the Finnish designer Euro Aarnio. It was done in 1968 when Euro. A was inspired by butterfly cocoons. He soon after pulling the first concept, but it was not useful and no one made it. His problems began to appear shortly after the first release, and he had to do a 3rd redesign and use stronger materials.

Its name is often confused with the hanging egg chair or hanging cocoon chair although its official name is The Bubble Chair. Designer Philippe Stack made a bubble armchair version of it in 1983. This chair is great for outdoor, but also indoors. They keep trying to improve even though the most important and established design is considered among the most popular Finnish creation.

It is similar to the egg chair made people think they are designed by the same artist. It comes in a wide variety combining all sorts of unusual colors. The most popular version is the one with the red interior and white colored plastic in the exterior and it is also pricier one. It looks really good in a modern or futuristic home. And it was even featured in big 80’s movies.

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