Options For The Vinyl Fence Colors

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Vinyl Fence Colors – Fences help keep domestic animals and wild animals out, as well as offer a level of privacy for people living within their boundaries. Still, wood and metal fences require frequent maintenance and repainting or occasional repair. Vinyl fencing has dye that mixes into the material during manufacture, making the color essentially permanent, dirt and discoloration nonetheless. This alternative to traditional fence materials never needs repainting and resists putrefaction, mold, and mildew.

This shade of white is textured to appear as cedar painted white. This shade works well in a house landscape, but it is also very visible, which is useful for fencing cattle. This bright and cheerful color matches the style of the house with the same name in color and texture. White Colonial interacts well with reds, blues, whites, and browns even, which is one of the most versatile colors for vinyl fencing. In addition, the brightness and high visibility of the color make it ideal for grazing and agricultural perimeters.

An almost silvery gray, Arctic Blend is a color with wood texture for the vinyl siding. This color is dark and, as such, is not ideal for livestock management. It is, however, very suitable for domestic and commercial use. Arctic Blend is a fresh neutral color that suits the two colored houses light and dark. Texture to match the appearance of stucco plaster, almond stucco is a shade darker than unfinished plaster, providing an organic look that darkens when the sun sets. This color suits apartment complexes and homes that have stucco walls.

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