Pleasant Wood Dining Bench With Back

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Ashley Furniture Dining Table Set Bench Seating

The new trend: wood dining bench with back! When you think of a dining table, you automatically see the seats around it. Inextricably connected. But did you know that there are other options than single seats? Who also provide much more seats and are sometimes also much cheaper? And also ensure an extra cozy feeling of being together? We are talking about a bench next to your dining table.

This is reminiscent of that very cozy feeling in Austrian wooden houses or cafes and restaurants. And no, you don’t have to place hard wooden benches, the possibilities are endless. When you choose a large table , also take into account the walking space and the moving space for the seats . To be able to slide the chair back easily you need around 70 centimeters.

Round or rectangular? We often choose rectangular but when everything already consists of straight lines, a round table can break this. A round table is also more pleasant and takes up less space in a small space. Check whether the seats fit under the table. There is nothing as annoying as bumping into your neighbor or bumping into the table leg under the table. The guideline for a 1m90 table is that you can place three 50 cm wide chairs. A total of 40 cm apart.

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