Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed Ideas

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Vintage Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed

Reclaimed wood platform bed – Platform bed is a good small sleeping contraption that puts your bedrooms 5 or 6 feet off the ground. Under a platform bed is an especially pleasant place to place a desk or a set of drawers. If your place of life is desperately in need of more functional area, then making a piece of furniture, so that your operating margin.

Cut four pieces of 4 x 4 to the length of 6 feet, or whatever height you want to create your platform bed. You can use a circular saw to make the cut, but make sure that each end is square. Each cut will require two passes with the electric saw. Notches on top of each of 4 by 4 to accommodate a 2 x 10 piece of wood. This means taking a circular saw and setting the depth exactly to 1 1/2 inches.

Using a carpenter’s square as a guide, make a cut at the 9 1/4 inch mark. Divide the line with the blade of the saw and then continue making transversal cuts with the circular saw and continue using the carpenter’s square as a guide. Chisel all the wood between the cuts with a sharp wood chisel and a hammer. Do this for the four positions.

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