Relaxing And Nature Atmosphere Bohemian House

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Bohemian House Ideas

Bohemian house – Suspensions in macrame, a cactus rock, wood on the ceiling … so many elements cleverly dosed for a relaxing atmosphere and nature. Imagine living in a little corner of paradise in the middle of the desert. They gave him a totally bohemian look. Natural materials, subdued lighting and warm atmosphere, these are the essential for a gypsy decor.

The wooden furniture, the rope that surrounds the thread of the lamp lamp, and especially this imposing weaving framed on the wall: as many natural materials give an authentic side to this living room. Also adopt the trend of wall weaving with these inspirations. It is the essential accessory for a bohemian decor.

The room is closed only by simple curtains, and the bed placed on the floor throne alone in this room which has the effect of creating a cozy cocoon, like a hidden hut. The terrace is minimalist: a corner bench and some cactus and cushions, make it look bigger. Above all, the walls and the white ceiling leave all room for the panorama, framed like a painting. Plants and cacti everywhere! It’s a bit like the credo of someone who wants to create a real bohemian style. We particularly like the idea of ​​dry rock in the corridor.

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