Rustic Home Bar And Kitchen Decor

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Small Rustic Bar

Rustic Home Bar – The kitchen is the sector of the house that is practically used most. There the food is prepared, but also breakfast or lunch. Especially if you have a family or a table with comfortable chairs. Another alternative is the bar. That offers the possibility of eating and being in contact with whoever is in the kitchen. There are models for all tastes. And in this case, we want to present you some rustic models that you will surely like.

There is a fantastic bar that made with a wooden board in one piece, an attractive reddish wood. The original touch is given by the rustic ending of the edges and one of the ends, which was left uncut. The lower part of the furniture is made of white wood with a cellar at one end and a lower granite counter in the work area. There is also a bar that is made of rustic wooden boards, which were used to cover one of the walls. The top of the bar is white, as are the stripped wooden stools with metal backing.

The combination of noble materials never fails. In this case, there is a grill with a stone fireplace, accompanied by a wooden countertop with black granite. Next, to it, there is a colored wooden bar with cylindrical legs with molding. This bar style also serves as island and counter is made of rustic wood and has the aesthetics of the carpenter’s benches or the classic elevated. It combines perfectly in this kitchen with brick walls of the notorious country stamp.

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