Shabby Chic Bedroom Curtains And Window Styles

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Simply Shabby Chic Bedding

Shabby Chic Bedroom Curtains – Shabby chic is a term used to describe romantic and minimalist interior designs. The shabby chic movement began in Britain, imitating the worn look of simple country houses. The shabby chic design is characterized by weathered furniture and romantic, feminine fabrics. Windows are sometimes overlooked in design, but in shabby chic decor, they are an important element of design. Certain window styles and coatings add to the chic style in disrepair and help in the overall appearance of the design, emphasizing the relaxation and beauty of the old world.

Sheer, feminine curtains add to the shabby chic style. Choose curtains with simple details, such as folds scalloped along the bottom or delicate embroidery on the edges. Tie the curtains with bows, without distractions or simple, smooth tapes dull. Hang curtains in a light color, such as white or pastel shaded color.

If tones are used, choose a romantic style. Balloon tones of the genre with a scalloped bottom fit very well in the shabby chic style. Choose a fabric of light colors, such as white. Light bamboo or woven shades can also be used, especially if there are other elements of the room to tie them in, such as a stand for light bamboo plant. A shabby chic alternative of shades shutters. Paint them white or cream, and lightly distress the surface. Install them to fit in the entire window or just the lower half.

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