The Best Rustic Home Ideas

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Vintage Rustic Home Ideas

Rustic home ideas – It is so easy to find all the accessories of the house made in a bear theme that decorating a rustic wall with bears is a children’s game. Other rustic themes are deer, ducks, pineapples and wolves. You can find decorations of this type in all budgets, too. For a bear theme, place a metal sculpture in the center of the wall or a large framed artwork depicting bear scenes. Near the side door of the wall, hang a copper lamp or apply copper candle.

Another rustic touch is hanging a mirror with a tree bark frame. If you have a window in the wall, there are some pieces of beautiful colored glass that have bears or bear scenes in them; however, they are very expensive. If you know how to make the owner is pieces of colored glass, You can save a lot of money. Place a shelf on the wall that is made of old weathered wood with twig holders.

Next, put some decorative bears on the shelf with some pine cones. You can go to any store with mural decorations on it and find bear accents. And then you will find watches, hat and main racks and even curtain rods. You can even buy the curtains with the bears on them.

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