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Today I will show you how we got our bathroom wood shelves for wall and how you can make such floating shelves for the bathroom yourself. They are actually the eye catcher of our bathroom: the solid oak planks on the wall of our walk-in shower. Through my Instagram I often get the question where we got the shelves. Then followed by the question where we bought those cool towels.

You could not ignore it: the enormous 80s fireplace in the middle of our living room. With difficulty we were able to see through it during the viewing of the house. It deprived us of a lot of sunlight and the sight of the collision alone was depressing. We were pleasantly surprised when it turned out that the wood was a solid piece of oak of 5 cm thick.

Okay, it was stained orange-brown and not really pretty at first glance, but it was a shame to throw it away. We didn’t have any real plans with it. Until our bathroom started to take shape. And we actually wanted to replace the bathroom furniture that we had in mind for two separate sinks. Wooden planks also seemed very cool to me. We have the brilliant idea of ​​getting those orange-brown planks off the chimney through the thickness bench (that’s a kind of planer). Suddenly we had beautiful wood in our hands!

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