To Change The Color Tuscan Lamps

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Tuscan Lamps Design

Tuscan lamps – Instead of buying a new Tuscan lamp when you redecorate or get bored of your old, consider changing the color of it. If your Tuscan lamp is made of a natural fiber such as cotton, linen or silk, you can color it with plain fabric dye. Otherwise, it is still possible to change the color, but you’ll need paint. Both methods work best with Tuscan lamp originally light in color.

To change the color of Tuscan lamps, spread some old newspapers out of your garage, shed or outside and adjust the Tuscan lamp on top of it. Cover metal parts Tuscan lamp with paint masking tape unless you want to paint them too. Shake can of spray paint and spray throughout the Tuscan lamps with a thin, even coat of paint. Walk around in the shade while you paint it, rather than lifting and moving the shade.

Wait until this coat dry and examine the results. If you want a deeper color or previous color shade still shows through, spray another layer of paint. Wait for each layer to dry before spraying the next. An alternative to spray paints are acrylic paint. Apply acrylic paint in thin layers with a sponge tip paintbrush. Instead of using a brush, you must create a dappled effect using a spray bottle. Remove the tape from metal parts Tuscan lamps.

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