Trendy Own Wood Slab Bench For Garden

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Garden Wood Slab Bench

Wood slab bench – Making your own garden furniture is trendy, environmentally friendly and practical. We can all have fallen on a design bench that makes us really good, but unfortunately the price is very high for our budget. Having cheap garden furniture and design looks is possible thanks to the many DIY tutorials online. We have chosen some of the best to give you inspiration. Most DIY garden bench projects require an absolute minimum of basic DIY tools: boards or wood fittings, saws, drills, hammer, screws, nails.

The number and size of the wooden boards depends on your own wishes and the outdoor space where you want to place your garden bench. Finally, it is possible to create different models of the garden bench – without or with backplash, without or with storage space, with or without integrated plants.

The rustic look is very warm. It is perfect for both outdoors and indoors. In fact, his designer designed it to be able to install it in his bedroom and store his collection of books. We find that it also fits nicely in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. Let’s take a look at the pictures to make it really easy!

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