Undeniable Charm Idea Sliding Attic Stairs

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Sliding Attic Hallway

Sliding attic stairs – At the top of a building or under the roof of a house, the attic spaces are undeniable charm that should be optimized to gain the surface. Discover ideas of pro to arrange roof spaces with lots of tips. Furnishing the attic in an apartment or house is becoming more common. With the idea of gaining space or simply arranging an uninhabited area, homeowners must compete with tricks to design ingenious projects, often with the help of architects.

At the beginning of your reflection, discover some ways to refine your desires, while respecting the constraints of the place, thanks to attic plans arranged, deciphered by professionals of the development. This project of development of the roof spaces is the complete renovation of a flat 2 rooms under roof spaces with 60 m2 on the soil.

To sublimate the exceptional light quality of this habitat “cocoon”, the bias was to open up the spaces. From the bedroom to the living room, the eye finds no obstacle in its path, thanks to the effect “funnel” of the corridor, around which articulate all the functions of the apartment. The partitions, the calepinage on the ground and the bar plan of the kitchen then deviate to accentuate the perspective. An increased impression with the choice of low height furniture.

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